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This code will give you a 3% discount on Genesis Mining, which is the highest discount provided by the site to date.

All About Bitcoin Mining and How to Get a Genesis mining discount code for yourself

What is a Bitcoin?
A bitcoin is not actually a coin. In fact, bitcoins only exist in a virtual world. They are used for transactions online and kept in a virtual wallet. They are not regulated by a bank or other third-party and can be nearly impossible trace, even allowing people to buy online without sharing their identity. Bitcoins only exist online, so who’s to say that bitcoins from one transaction had not been spent twice? That is where bitcoin mining comes in.
What Exactly is Bitcoin Mining?
Bitcoin mining is used to ensure every transaction that happens with bitcoins is legitimate. Every bitcoin is embedded in a block. For the data from a transaction to be verified, computations that are often difficult and time-consuming are used to power the block. After selecting a block, a difficult problem is generated and a proof of work must be used to solve it. Sometimes, a user must insert several values before solving the problem correctly. Users are given a set number of bitcoins per block (depending on the current bounty that is adjusted based on market fluctuations).
How Can You Do Bitcoin Mining at Home?
A bitcoin mining operation is very complex, especially if you have your own machines. Bitcoin machines get hot and require fans on them constantly. This takes electrical energy and the machines draw energy as well, resulting in an electric bill that is hundreds of dollars or more. The upside is that if the Bitcoin market does fail, you have the equipment to sell and make a little of your money back. Additionally, it can be fun to put together your own hashing systems and you lose out on this with cloud mining.

The good news is that with technological changes, now Bitcoin mining can be done from the cloud. There are downsides, especially with unverifiable blocks. If you choose the safer route and work through a third-party, you often pay fees or a buy-in price at the very least. It does get rid of electrical costs though and it is much more convenient. Additionally, when you do Bitcoin mining in the cloud it is easier to keep an eye on the value of Bitcoins so you can decide whether or not to work.
The Bitcoin Mining Cycle
Bitcoin mining works in a cycle, so that the number of miners meets the needs for the number of blocks to be processed during each cycle. Here’s how it works:

1. Miners join the Bitcoin network
2. More blocks are created
3. The average time to mine a block decreases
4. The difficulty of the blocks increase
5. The rate of blocks created goes down
6. The mining time balances out to the average
7. Miners join the Bitcoin network and the cycle starts again
Genesis mining
One of the competitors in the marketplace that is online is Genesis Mining. They offer bitcoin mining in the comfort of your own home, but minus the disadvantages of conventional mining methods. Genesis Mining focuses on cloud mining, and that means that you don't require any hardware. In the cloud, you are able to pick and complete your work as opposed to the bulky, hot, and high-priced bitcoin machines typical to a lot of homes.

Daily Payouts
One of the top things about Genesis Mining is the daily payouts. Critics of bitcoin mining frequently state the marketplace is volatile. You can just lose everything you have invested while that is true to an extent. Since their customers are paid by Genesis Mining daily, you've some protection from the volatility of the bitcoin marketplace.

Since you are unable to confirm these Bitcoin blocks before you do the work or put your money into something, some operations may be unethical. Luckily, Genesis Mining is a well known Bitcoin mining operation with plenty of customers that are reliable and successful that validate their trustworthiness.

Buy-In Price to Meet Your Needs
Bitcoin mining isn't something that you're able to reap in the gains of without making an investment. The size of your investment determines the amount which you reap in from accomplished bitcoin blocks. Three different Bitcoin Mining packaging deals are offered by Genesis Mining.

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